hi, i am marcel, the clear mind behind why.​

passion. focus. wide angle.

In my opinion products don‘t function as single objects anymore, but rather stand in a close relation to a large web of items, applications and occasions of use.

As Product Service Systems Designer I am at ease in complex service and IT systems. Together with my customers I develop successful product and software solutions to provide their customers with the best possible experience. Whether in spatial incinerations or the development of new marketable products, I see myself as a bridge builder between haptic and digital experiences. 

Service Designer & Innovator 

As a designer I support the identification of needs of all its stakeholders. I help you to derive goals and strategies for your products (whether physical or digital). I support you in the creation of a service strategy (UX+process management) to align your company or department optimally with the identified goals. I will gladly bring my own set of tools and methods or work with you to develop an optimal approach.  

Designer UX + Industrial Design 

I can provide operational support for the entire design process, from research and analysis, idea generation and creation to production and delivery, or I can lead and accompany (interdisciplinary) teams. As a UX/UI designer I develop prototypes with you, test them and work with programming until realization.  For product designs I develop product concepts, create form studies, small prototypes and work with engineers on an implementation and production strategy.  


The “Why?” is the essence of my design and has been my most ask question ever since my childhood.


Whether it’s about internal processes or external customer offers, every colleague, every supplier and every customer has a personal reason why he or she decides to take a certain action.


Finding out what moves and motivates each individual helps me to holistically design and solve problems.


Strategic Product and Innovation Development (M.A.)

Integrated Design (B.A.)

Professional Business (B.A. CC)

Industrial Clerk (CC)

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