How to apply 4D printing to orthodontics?

In 2015 Dr. Sherif Kandil called me up to help him develop a methodology to use the technology of 4D printing to transform aligners used in orthodontics. Within this short consultancy and research project, we had chats with amazing material scientists like Skylar Tibits and others. The Project ended with an idea of how this could be done in the future. 

How to enable patients to take over some of the treatment steps?

After the first test runs and the first prototype, Dr. Sherif Kandil contacted me again to develop a Service Concept and an App that will help him to stay in contact with his patients throughout a treatment time of over 3 years. The interaction of the App and the Booster is a core part of this connection that enables the patient to transform the aligners based on the treatment plan. 

How we simplyfied complex follow ups and communication.

Through continuous interaction with the patient, the app has laid the foundation for a future fully automated collection of patient data. Together with KLine Europe, a prototype for a new booster was already created during the project, which is also capable to take over disinfection and control of the wearing times.