Telekom design Gallery Tour Control ​

How can we make an essential tool for Telekom Design Gallery guides more usable?

The Telekom Design Gallery is an interactive room that gives visitors the opportunity to experience immersive interactions, visual effects and hypothesis of future living. To do so, guides control the room through a mobile app that triggers use cases by either location or an interface.

Developing design systems to meet the extensive requirements of the customer.

The redesign of the control was driven by new functions and interactions that also lead to changes in front-end and back-end coding and logics. 

Since this control is a very powerful, but sensitive tool, guides and users were involved from day one to co-create as a team. The challenge was to increase the amount of functions and simplify the user interface in the same way. Therefore it was essential to involve the users in every decision to get feedback. 


Dirk Hessenbruch (Creative Director) 

Ferrence Hovrat (sparring in visual) 

Marcel Oelschläger (UI/UX) 





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