The combining of several websites and tools. An excerpt.

In early 2019 the Head of Development of weinor got in contact with us to develop a new customer platform that will integrate the Marketing Services been offered separately so far and add new features for their customers throughout the ordering and production process.We teamed up with all departments within the company, collected all stakeholder needs and started to translate the requirements into functions, data models and processes. The Project is still ongoing and will be realized step by step in several sprints.

Developing design systems to meet the extensive requirements of the customer.

To be able to meet the complex and ongoing requests of the customer I developed a design system in the early stage of the project that enables us to create new functions quickly and agree on visuals and UX questions. The platform is lead by the idea of multiple user roles with different rights and needs, therefore almost any view could be customized and is on point for the situation its been needed.
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