Sustainable Housing

How to motivate facility owners to invest in sustainable solutions?

Within the very extensive research phase, a large number of expert interviews were used to collect obstacles and problems relating to the topic of energy-efficient renovation of existing buildings and to bring them into relation with the various stakeholders. Based on this complex consideration it was possible to isolate the issues that have a direct impact on the decision making of the owners. Within a real estate owner workshop, these aspects were analyzed and tested in detail. This analysis resulted in more than 55 potential fields of action for innovative solutions.

A strategic design aproach.

The project included almost all necessary steps of a strategic design process, using a variety of methods from service design and qualitative social research. By focusing on the most important potentials from an expert’s point of view, more than 80 ideas were generated during the brainstorming phase, which can support the owners on different levels. Through a morphological combination, a multitude of these ideas could flow into different basic concepts. The workshop with the focus groups clearly showed that it is of primary importance to support the decision making processes of the owners.

    • Stakeholder analysis
    • Expert Interviews
    • Design Research
    • Workshop with focus group
    • Determine potential fields
    • Identify user needs
    • Derive requirements
    • Develop global concepts
    • Technical research
    • Patent analysis
    • Functional experiment
    • Technical construction
    • Brand definition
    • Business Design
    • Develope form language
    • InterFace

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